Journal of the Faculties of Science and Agriculture, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria

ISSN: 1119-9008
DOI: 10.5987/UJ-NJSE

ISSUE (Vol.12 (1) - May 15th, 2013)

Herbal Medicine In Nigeria: Holistic Overview

Soil Fertility Status Of Oil Palm Plantations In Delta North Agro- Ecological Zone, Delta State, Nigeria

Response Of Okra To Different Levels Of Npk 20:10:10 Fertilizer In An Experimental Farm In Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria

Kinetic And Thermodynamic Model For The Removal Of Ultrama- Rine Blue From Aqueous Solution Using Modified Cassava Peels

Synthesis And Fastness Properties Of Disazo Disperse Dyes Derived From 4-amino-3-nitrotoluene And 1,4-diaminobenzene

Establishment Of Pharmacopoeial Standards For Starch From Sor- Ghum Bicolor Moench (graminae)

Effects Of Preservation Methods On The Concentration Of Ascor- Bic Acid In Selected Fishes

An Integration Of Geophysical And Geochemical Data In Evaluat- Ing Groundwater Resources In Sapele Metropolis, Western Niger Delta

Extraction Of Heavy Metals From Cca Contaminated Soil Using Bio- Degradable Chelating Organic Acids

Antidiarrhoea And Phytochemical Evaluation Of The Leaf Ex- Tract Of Acalypha Marginata Spreng (euphorbiaceae)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (copd) Prognostic Diagno- Sis Utilizing Fuzzy Classifier Proficient Approach

Intelligent Neuro Fuzzy Expert System For Autism Recognition

Some Central Nervous System Effects Of The Aqueous Leaf Extract Of Solanum Nigrum, Linn (solanaceae).

Synthesis And Absorption Characteristics Of Some Disazo Dyes De- Rived From 4-amino-3-nitrotoluene And 4-aminobenzoic Acid

Adsorption Of Water-borne Pb2+ Over Chemically-treated Leaves Of Tridax Procumbens

Potential Of Brachystegia Eurycoma Gum In Ameliorating Brittle Fracture During Tableting

Germination Behaviour Of Croton Lobatus L., Emilia Sonchifolia L. And S. Anthelmia L.

Fuzzy Expert System For Malaria Diagnosis

Subduction Polarity Reversal: Ancient Examples

Palaeopalynology And Sequence Stratigraphy Of The Mamu Formation Around Orhua, Southwestern Nigeria

On The Optimal Look At Express Line Performance`

Higher-order Gaussian Kernel In Bootstrap Boosting Algorithm

Window-based Menstrual Calculator Software For Developing Nations

Characterizations Of Real-valued Single Variable Quasiconcave Functions

Verification Of Eilenberge- Maclane Spaces Using Obstruction Theory And Induction Argument

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